Grocery Girls Knit

Muffy the Beaver Sticker w/ Knitting Bag


This sticker is a very special collaboration with les garçons x grocery girls

We were over the moon excited when Maxim Cyr offered to create an enamel pin that said Grocery Girls, and we immediately requested an adorable girl beaver. Thank you Max!

She's a proud Canadian knitter with a naughty sense of humour (nothing like a dirty joke to liven up knit night) and we hope you love her as much as we do!

We think she couldn't be more perfect and are so honoured to share her with you!

Muffy wears the same glasses we do, and has adorable long lashes.
She is also wearing a Jodi Brown hat design, knitting a Tracie Millar sock pattern and is sitting next to her very own Mrs. Brown's Bag.

- white, black and gold toned vinyl. 
- measurements approx. 2.75" high 2" wide)

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photos by Les Garçons