Grocery Girls Knit

Mini Pompom Pair l #20 Whiskey


-all Poms are made by yarn boler
These adorable mini faux fur pompoms are the perfect addition to many projects - baby booties, small hats or as a substitution for tassels on larger projects...the possibilities are endless!  They are made from a luxurious faux fur, are very soft and come as a pair. 

Measurements:It is difficult to provide an exact measurement for faux fur pompoms as the end result is so dependent on the density and length of the fur.  I use a 4 cm/ 1 1/2 inch template for the mini pompoms. 

Attachment Options:

Tie it on - The tie on version allows you to tie or sew the pompom onto your hat/item using the cotton thread attached to the pompom. A pair of small snaps will be included in case you change your mind! 

Care :Spot Clean only.  Do not machine wash.A hairdryer on cool can be used to fluff up your faux fur pompom. 

Note:  Colours may vary slightly from photos due to lighting conditions.