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Simmer & Co l Simmer Medley


Simmer Medley

Be True Simmer

A reference to being your authentic self

This Simmer Mix was created in collaboration with Grocery Girls Knit and Simmer and Co Natural Aroma. It's authentic and true and creates a the perfect atmosphere to knit, unwind and connect. 

How to use: Mix

1. Get a pot from your kitchen
2. Fill with water
3. Empty Simmer Mix into pot and water
4. Simmer and enjoy the natural aroma

How to use: Medley

Place the simmer medley anywhere you want to have a natural scent boost. In your closet, a dresser drawer, your vehicle, a small space. Each sachet will last 2-3 months. To refresh the scent gently shake or squeeze the bag to release more of the natural oils.

Key Notes: Lavender, Vanilla, Lemon, Orange,Bergamot,Rosemary

Mood: Authentic, calming, warm, citrus

A simmer medley is a collection of dried botanicals, natural organic fixative powders and essential oils. 

You can place your simmer medley anywhere you want to add natural fragrance. It works best in smaller spaces.

You can hang it from your rear view mirror in your vehicle and the sun will warm the mix and release natural oils. 

You can place them in a closet or dresser drawer. The medley will lightly scent your clothes as well!

To refresh the medley, you can gentle shake and squeeze the bag. This will release more of the natural oils in the botanicals. 

When the scent is done, you can empty the sachet and compost the botanicals.